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India Ghumo

One of our unique crossed-platform products developed not only for Travel & Tourism but also explains the real INDIA. We offer discounted flights, hotels booking services and reach experience for our travelers.

Features of the product:
  • Search for the best places to visit in India
  • Find out the nearest tourist places in India
  • Know more about cities in India

Indian Curry

Indian Curry app for Japanese users to explore Indian foods across Japan. Users can reserve their seat before they reach the restaurant or order their favorite dish online and have them delivered to their door stops.

Features of the product:
  • Search for nearby delicious Indian Restaurants
  • Make a call to the restaurant and book the order online
  • Add your own comments and feedback to the timeline and share your thoughts with others
  • Login, Log-out, and set your own profile images

Three Good Activities

The Three Good Things exercise is intended to increase happiness and a sense of wellbeing. It does this by a simple method of redirecting attention towards positive thoughts and away from negative thoughts. Human beings have evolved to spend much more time thinking about negative experiences than positive ones.

Features of the product:
  • Record the good deeds you do everyday
  • Improve your over-all mental wellbeing by this virtual pat-on-the-back
  • Review past's good activities and compare them with the present's

Meditate with Gijutsu

The application is mainly developed to improve the mental health of users. This app provides an explanation and guides for the following practice.

Features of the product:
  • Short as well as long videos to learn the real way of performing yoga
  • Every video and audio track are downloadable
  • Users can record their progress and view it later from the memory section and even download it on the local storage

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