About Gijutsu

At Gijutsu, we always focus on developing creative and innovative products and services that can be helpful for our customers in providing informational or communicational solutions. In the List of services, we offer Customized Applications, web designing, and development, e-commerce, Managed Hosting plans, Domain Registration, Digital marketing, and many more. As we are linked with Technology, our top priority is to develop a digital product or service high in quality that can be awesome for anyone of you worldwide. In other words, our tailored-made services for any customer will let their business easily cover the gap and fulfill the needs of others who are coming to them. We plan everything regarding a project before handing it over to our customers. In other words, you can say that every project that Gijutsu leads will have to undergo with a list of procedures to maintain its quality and long-lastingness.

Workflow at Gijutsu

  • Insight: First of all, we try to understand the whole background like the effect and cause of your project, and try to go through every specific aspect.
  • Analysis: The second important thing is the analysis phase where we try to examine the structure and elements of your company in detail.
  • Brainstorming: We try to put the highest amount of benefits in your project by combining your mind and our expert minds.
  • Designing: In the Designing phase, the real technical work starts where we try to put all the ideas from your side and our side.
  • Development: The Development phase is where all the ideas of the project are transferred from the designing phase into a meaningful development phase. In this procedure, all of our expert developer team members play their important part.
  • Testing: At last, we check the functionalities of the project and ensure that everything is ready to be used without any issues.

From the CEO's Desk

It's not superficial to quote 'The wheels of the world are the Internet'. How does one thing come into existence 100 years, 200 years, or more? I always called it the best innovation of the twentieth century. Yes, it is quite new, officially invented in 1983, and very quickly became the best friend of nearly everyone on the planet. Soon after the inventions, it started growing exponentially and big giants like Google, IBM, and Facebook added to the car of THE Internet.

Nowadays, in the business world, the power of digital disruptions has been providing a transformative edge to those who understand it. One would hence assume that the IT service pioneers with a knack for digital knowhow should be the leading transformers of their own environments. But that's not happening. Why? Because our enormously successful industry believes it has already perfected the 'people & process' models that are required for our business. Therefore, our winning formula stays unchanged: an outward focus on the evolving needs of our customer base. For instance, presently, we are busy capitalizing on the massive appetite for digital transformation technologies in the global markets. Unfortunately, our steadfast focus on 'opportunities' has blindfolded us to the 'threats' that this very digital transformation poses to our own relevance!

IT companies need to first transform themselves to be able to offer efficient transformation services. Technology companies, with their armies of knowledge professionals and customers are sitting on an incredible potential to create integrated models that find patterns in their workforce and customer data―patterns that can be used as the basis for transformative software to run the companies' operations. Hence, to seize this opportunity, the IT leaders have to first reinvent their individual leadership styles regardless of the past accolades, and become practitioners of internal digital execution.

We, Gijutsian, are always eager to add value to society by improving IT services and innovative products. For us, our first goal is to serve with dedication. We also know technologies are rapidly changing, so we put a greater effort into learning and development to serve you the best in terms of quality and satisfaction.

Managing Director's Message

It has been more than 15 years in business, but I still love the curiosity. A curiosity of learning - It is the only thing to keep up to date with latest trends and changes worldwide. Nothing can be taken for granted especially in the current era. No one knows this better than us. Therefore, together with existing technologies, our research & development team always look for something new, something lazy and something effective. We dream about three things:

  • Enable IT as the best server for society
  • Let the Tech be accessed by everybody
  • Make Gijutsian the best for IT solutions

Human Resources' Message

We believe, Human Resources is a backbone of any service industry who plays the role of a change agent and an employee champion since we believe it's the people that matters to make a difference in an organization, thus crafting its success.

At Gijutsu, we are a people and pleasure centric organization, working collaboratively and blissfully towards being a leading financial service provider without compromising on our responsibilities and ethical values. We focus majorly towards building our core competencies, our "Employees". We take pride in constantly engaging our employees towards continuous improvements and innovation to thrive business excellence.

Our aim is undoubtedly to create a culture of learning and earning by providing equal opportunities to all genders without being biased. If you think you have the flair in you and if you believe you can do it, then we wholeheartedly invite you to become a Gijutsian.

Welcome to the world of talent foundry!

Our Expert Team

Sunny Yadav
App Developer
IIIT Dharwad
Priyansh Mali
App Developer
IIT Guwahati
Siele Emmanuel
Android Developer
Murang's University of Technology
Somesh Verma
Android Developer
NIT Hamirpur
Gopika Aravind
Android App Designer
AIT Bangalore
Cyrus Roy
Software Developer
NIT Rourkela
Vinit Hingu
App Developer
Parul University
Aparna Unnikrishnan
Content Developer
Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi
Pankaj Kumar
Software Developer
Army Institute of Technology
Divyanshu Parihar
Web Developer
Chandigarh University